Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Dare to Dream" Full Kit *{{Free}}*

Happy New Year!

"Dare to Dream" is my gift to everyone at the start of this year. Hopefully, it's going to be a prosperous and blessed year for all us. 

What's different about this kit is that I've made 24 affirmation cards to go along with it. I've categorized them into 4 sheets (health, relationships, stress free, gratitude) which you can easily print out and use. Plus there are blank cards for you to add your own affirmations as needed.

There's also 3 Facebook timeline calendar covers (2 versions of each) for the 2013 months of January, February and March. The reason I didn't do covers for the rest of the months is...well...I was plain lazy. Though on the bright side, by the time March comes along, I'll probably have a new kit done.

And of course there is the kit with 29 unique elements (43 with variations), 9 papers (18 total), 4 quick pages, and 2 photo masks.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to upload to mediafire for some unknown reason. So I've used 4shared instead. Hope this works for everyone.

Download elements HERE

Download papers HERE

Download photo masks HERE

Download quick pages

Download affirmation cards HERE

 Download FB timeline covers HERE

 If you find my stuff useful, just drop me a comment. I always love your feedback!